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  • Passed HB 5575, (PA23-138) AN ACT REQUIRING THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE TO REVISE MUNICIPAL ANIMAL SHELTER REGULATIONS.  Municipal shelter regulations had not been updated since 1964.  PA23-138 requires municipal shelters maintain an indoor ambient temperature of between fifty-five and eighty degrees.  It requires that town executives be notified of shelter violations.  Significantly it requires the  Department of Agriculture to submit any proposed regulations considered prior to passage to be submitted to the Legislative Regulations Review Committee by September 1, 2023. 

  • Passed HB 6484, (PA23-6) AN ACT CONCERNING CERTAIN HARVESTING OF HORSESHOE CRABS.  PA23-6 now bans the hand-harvesting of horseshoe crabs or the eggs of horseshoe crabs.

  • Passed HB 6714, (PA23-149) AN ACT CONCERNING CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.  This 3 part law is the first addition to CT's animal cruelty laws since 2016.  It 1.) clarifies "sexual assault" of an animal making it a prosecutable crime  2.) bans a person convicted of animal cruelty from harboring, owning, possessing, residing with, adopting or serving as a foster placement for any animal, and he/she shall not be employed by, or volunteer for, any entity in any position that involves care for or regular contact with any animal and 3.) requires veterinarians report a person suspected of harming, neglecting or treating cruelly an animal due to participation in animal fighting, to the local law enforcement agency or animal control officer.

  • Defeated Section 27, HB 6726 DoAG Program to Slaughter Thousands of Rabbits for Meat. An amendment to remove Section 27 was passed in the House in final hours of the session. The amendment removed the DoAG program that would enable large scale farming and slaughter of rabbits by allowing them to cruelly raise and slaughter 1000 rabbits for commercial meat production.

  • Stopped a proposed lottery for a bear hunt in CT. P

  • SB 1149 AN ACT ELIMINATING ALL RESTRICTIONS FOR SUNDAY HUNTING ON PUBLIC AND PRIVATE PROPERTY.  Defeated in the Environment Committee an expansion of Sunday hunting of deer and other wildlife. a


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