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Become an Advocate


Speak up for Animals by  learning about the state's legislative process, how to be effective with calls and emails to your local representatives, and how to provide impactful
testimony. A great place to start is on our Resource Page.






Contact Your Legislators


Did you know that just five phone calls on any given bill is enough to spur some lawmakers into action? The more calls a lawmaker receives, the harder they will work for the bill.  Get to know your legislators as well as what's going on at the Capitol.






Sign Up for Action Alerts


Time is often of the essence during the legislative session. We send targeted emails to specific districts when we need help urging lawmakers to support  or oppose certain bills.  Sign up to get alerts when your lawmaker needs to hear from you!






Make a


Connecticut Votes for Animals relies on gifts from caring people to fund our important work at the Capitol. 

Your donation also helps to support educational trainings and community events for 
public outreach.   

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