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CT Votes for Animals: Animals Don't Vote, People Do

Who are we? CVA envisions a future where all animals live in peace under the protection of strong laws. We work toward this vision by creating and improving Connecticut's laws and encouraging our elected leaders to make the well-being of animals their priority. We work with voters like you, legislators & other officials across CT government, and a hired lobbyist to introduce and pass pro-animal laws. We also fight the passage of harmful, inhumane laws.


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    CVA joined with Friends of Animals (FOA) and the Humane Society of the United States in urging Governor Lamont to oppose bear hunts in Connecticut.  Our letter points to several crucial facts that people and policy makers should know: According to a recent UConn study there are approximately 400 adult bears in the State; about 235 were identified in the northwest corner. The State has a capacity for 3,000 according to DEEP. Hunting doesn’t solve bear-human conflict issues. Using humane and non-lethal means such as rubber bullets as a deterrent, removing attractants such as bird feeders and unsecured garbage cans all are far more effective. Hunting is not without risk. Hunters in Connecticut killed 10 people and injured 118 in hunting accidents between 1982-2018. There have been no fatal bear attacks in Connecticut and only six in the entire country, mostly in Alaska.
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    CVA has established its legislative priorities for the 2019 legislative session.  Be sure to contact your State Representative and Senator to tell them animals are important to you and you look forward to their support for the passage of humane legislation.  Continue to follow CVA on Facebook and other social media for updates and legislative alerts. CONNECTICUT VOTES FOR ANIMALS 2019 LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIES  Exemption from Accelerated Rehabilitation In Certain Cases of Animal Abuse:To require a showing of good cause in order to invoke a pretrial program for accelerated rehabilitation on behalf of a person charged with animal abuse. A Prohibition on Purchasing Dogs and Cats via a Financing Lease/Loan:A bill to prohibit financing dogs or cats pursuant to documents transferring ownership at the end of the term of the financing and contingent upon payments being made.  Wildlife and Exotic Animals in Travelling Shows (HB 5024, HB 5248)To prohibit the use of exotic and certain wildlife animals in circuses and certain travelling shows. Adequate Shelter for Dogs During Extreme Weather Conditions:To establish certain requirements for what constitutes adequate shelter for a dog during adverse weather conditions. Prohibition on the Sale of Dogs, Cats and Rabbits by Retail Stores (HB 5246): Legislation to ban the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in retail stores. Oppose Authorizing Black Bear Hunting and Night Hunting of Coyotes in Connecticut
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