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February 2024 Newsletter


A Clear Focus for the 2024 General Assembly Session

CVA has hired the respected CT lobbying firm Focus Government Affairs, fortifying our mission of advancing pro-animal legislation and educating lawmakers about the issues impacting animals in the State. Restricting the use of second-generation rodenticides (SGARs – poisons used to exterminate rats, mice and other rodents that ultimately harm and kill wildlife and pets) is a top legislative priority for CVA this year, as it is for lawmakers in the Legislative Animal Advocacy Caucus. (Read about the detrimental effect of SGARs on raptors and other birds of prey in the story below.) Animal crueltyprotecting CT bears from being hunted, and a long-awaited ban on greyhound racing are other key issues this year.


A proposal to allow rabbit farming in CT has returned despite being defeated for two consecutive years. Animal advocates came out in force to kill the bill and are being called on again to be a powerful voice against the wholesale production and slaughter of rabbits. If your lawmaker is on the Environment Committee, which will decide whether the bill should be raised, it's important that you contact them now to ask that the measure not move forward. Click here to see if your lawmaker sits on that committee. 


Animal advocates like you remain the most important factor in whether legislation is approved or defeated. We need you to stay connected and actively participate in the legislative process. It's time to SPEAK UP FOR ANIMALS!

Mark the Date for an Educational Webinar on the Impact of Rodenticides

No matter which animal-related bills are raised by lawmakers this year, it’s essential that they hear from you. Make sure now that you know your State Senator and Representative so you are prepared to contact them during the General Assembly session.


If you receive a start-of-session email from your lawmaker, why not write them back? It’s a good opportunity to start a dialogue, outline and encourage support for our legislative priorities, and suggest a meeting at the Capitol or in the district.


Our elected representatives are chosen by you and every one of them says, “your voice counts!”

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A Place Called Hope Works to Save

Save CT Wildlife

Second-Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (SGARs) used to kill rodents in the garden or yard can cause irreparable injury to cats, dogs, and other wildlife if ingested, including uncontrollable bleeding, kidney failure, seizures and sometimes death. Birds of prey are the most common victims of these easily available poisons. Learn how one CT woman is working to undo the damage.

Mark the Date: Learn About the Deadly Impact of Rodenticides



DATE: March 7

TIME: 6 p.m.

The devastating effect of Second Generation Rodenticides (SGARs) on pets and wildlife -- and how you can help stop their use -- is the topic of CVA's first educational webinar of the year. Co-sponsored by A Place Called Hope and the Community Foundation of Eastern CT, CT rehabilitator Christine Cummings is the featured presenter. (See story above.)  Watch your email for details and registration for this upcoming program.

Winter Warning: Dogs Left Outside in Extreme Weather Must Have Proper Shelter


A law backed by CVA and enacted in 2022 requires that dogs be provided with adequate shelter and water when left outside for more than 15 minutes during weather advisories of extreme heat or cold. The law clarifies “adequate shelter” and strengthens previous cruelty and tethering regulations, providing more tools for animal control officers (ACOs) to intervene in such cases – before it’s too late.

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Your Support Matters


Thank you so much for your generous support so that together we can SPEAK UP FOR ANIMALS! A special shout out goes to CVA’s Cornerstone Society, whose members contribute at least $250 annually.


Remember, there are many ways to give, including to honor of a loved one on a special occasion like a birthday; as a gift in memory of a special someone whose life embraced a deep love for animals; or in memory of a beloved pet. Learn more about CVA’s giving opportunities.

Warm up with Vegan Bean and Vegetable Stew


What’s better on a cold winter day than a steaming bowl of hearty stew? An easy slow-cooker recipe using lots of pantry staples! This vegan stew is easy to adapt to any leftovers in the fridge and tastes even better the next day.

We'd love to share your favorite vegan recipes. Send them to

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