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 2024 Legislative Wrap-up

With the 2024 session of the Connecticut General Assembly concluded, we give a grateful shout-out to all our supporters who took the time to contact state lawmakers to let them know your perspective on protecting CT wildlife, pets, and other animals.  Your efforts paid off and, together, we had some successes this year.  

CT has finally joined 42 other states to ban the cruel practice of dog racing by closing a loophole in the statutes that would have allowed a new track to open. As Governor Lamont said when he signed the law: “It's mindboggling to think that at one time people considered this a legitimate sport, and I give credit to animal advocacy groups for their activism that has raised awareness about the abuse and extreme conditions these dogs face, leading to bans in nearly every state across the country.” 


This is a wonderful victory for Connecticut and thanks and appreciation go out to our partner GREY2K for their partnership and advocacy making this a reality for Connecticut!”  

Animal advocates were also successful in blocking bills and language that would have been harmful to animals across the state, including one to allow the commercial farming of rabbits for food. Again, this year, CT residents came out in force to testify against the bill, and it died on the senate calendar without action.


Another accomplishment involved a provision of significant concern found in the original version of HB 5223 (AAC Minor Revisions to Agriculture Related Statutes).  That provision was not “minor” by any means! It would have narrowed the definition of “animal” and forfeited existing protections for many animals who would then fall outside of the new definition.


Unfortunately, CVA’s priority bill to ban the use of second generation anti-coagulant rodenticides in Connecticut was not enacted.  CVA, Friends of Animals and A Place Called Hope partnered to negotiate with legislators and the Lamont administration, but ultimately the agreed-upon bill was not passed. 


Marsh Harrier_edited.jpg

On the positive side, we have extraordinary momentum going into next year’s legislative session on this issue and we will be working to shore up support in the legislature and the executive branch. Again, without your tremendous support and activism, we could not have achieved any of these protections for CT animals! Thank you!

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