CT Votes for Animals is an all volunteer organization, and there are many opportunities to effect large-scale changes for animals by working with CVA. 

This page contains descriptions of some of the ways you can get involved and make a difference. 

Join one of our committees

Please email us at [email protected] if you are interested in joining a committee.  CVA has 3 committees, each focused on a particular set of activities. 

  • Events - Plan, manage, and staff events where CVA is hosting or tabling.
  • Publicity - Identify opportunities and methods for spreading the word about bills, develop and distribute leaflets, posters, graphics, press releases, letters to the editor, etc. Establish contacts with the press; monitor press/media. Help oversee social media presences.
  • Development & Recruitment - Build CVA's financial and human resources. Cultivate a strong donor base, and identify and pull in new people who can contribute their time and talents to the organization as Board and Advisory Council members, and volunteers.


Other Ways to Help


Know your legislators

The most important thing you can do right now is start to establish a relationship with your State legislators. Legislators are most heavily swayed by what their own voters think - that's you!

  • Find contact information for your legislators by going to the CT General Assembly Web site Note that CVA works primarily with State legislators - not U.S. Congress.
  • Many legislators have an email list - sign up! You will often be the first to find out about town-hall style meetings or open office hours, where you can make your voice heard for animals.
  • Find out if your legislators have Facebook or Twitter accounts and follow those. 
  • Do you already know one of your legislators personally? Maybe you have a mutual friend? Invite them to have coffee with you! Express your desire to have more animal-friendly laws in place. 
  • Make sure you are signed up to receive CVA's action alerts - from our home page, click "Join us" - you will then receive timely updates and alerts with advice on contacting your legislators. 


Recruit other members

The more voices we have, the stronger we can be for animals!

  • Forward our page or email action alerts to your animal-loving friends and ask them to join you in becoming a member of CT Votes for Animals.
  • Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and share our posts.

Testify at a hearing

Testifying at a hearing for a bill is a unique opportunity to speak directly to lawmakers! If you are on you will be notified of upcoming hearings for bills, and will receive instructions and tips on how to testify. We have created a template for your written testimony, and the Connecticut General Assembly Website maintains a page with detailed instructions and  information on what to expect when you testify


Learn more about the political process