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January 2023 Newsletter


With legislative priorities in hand for the 2023 General Assembly session, CVA's animal advocates are ready to make their voices heard at the Capitol on behalf of CT’s animals. Now is the time for everyone to take the first steps:


1: Some of the legislative committees that deal with our issues have new leaders and members. See who they are and whether they represent your district. Make contact!


2: Get to know your state senator and representative. Follow them on social media, attend a coffee hour or open house in the district, send them email to let them know care about animals and will be in touch!


3. For more tips on being an effective advocate, check out CVA’s Advocacy 101 presentation.

Legislature's Animal Advocacy Caucus Pick Their Battles

The legislature’s Animal Advocacy Caucus – the bipartisan group of lawmakers that work to enact laws to protect CT animals – has set its priorities for the current session. Topping the list is a ban on the sale of mill bred dogs, cats, and rabbits at CT pet shops. Passing this law in CT is more urgent than ever since New York just passed its ban on mill animals and there is a concern that New York pet stores will hop over the border and set up shop in CT.  


Additionally, the Caucus will focus once again on prohibiting wild and exotic animals from circuses and traveling shows and ensuring greyhound racing never returns to CT. Members have also vowed to support – or oppose as needed – a long list of potential animal-related initiatives.

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Spotlight on Animal Cruelty

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HB 6260 5579 Expand the Court Advocate Program to Include All Animals


HB 5851 An Act Concerning Animal Cruelty

  • Prohibit Future Contact with Animals for those Convicted in Animal Cruelty Crimes.

  • Improve CT's Law on the Sexual Assault of Animals and Prohibit the Production, Sale etc of Bestiality

 SB 53 & HB 5851 Require Veterinary Reporting of Suspected Animal Cruelty Cases

For many, animal cruelty is seen as a simple misdemeanor, not an indication of a perpetrator’s likelihood to commit other, oftentimes violent, crimes. However over the past three decades scientific studies have clearly established the significant link between animal abuse, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, elder abuse and other forms of violence. According to the National Link Coalition, "Mistreating animals is no longer seen as an isolated incident that can be ignored: it is often an indicator or predictor crime and a “red flag” warning sign that other family members in the household may not be safe." 


With a few notable exceptions, Connecticut has been less than "revolutionary" when it comes to addressing cruelty to animals.  In the most recent Office of Legislative Research Report on the outcomes of animal cruelty cases from 2011 to 2021, CT's ability to address these cruelty charges remains woefully inadequate. Of the 3,348 cases reported over the 10 year period, 80 percent of all animal cruelty charges were either dismissed or nolled.    


In the 2023 CT General Assembly, CVA will once again address animal cruelty through the legislative process and also by raising awareness through a public education campaign. If enacted, four legislative initiatives advocated by CVA will increase CT's protection of animals. A statement from the National Link Coalition sums up best why animal cruelty should be taken seriously: “When animals are abused, people are at risk; when people are abused, animals are at risk. Increasing awareness of the link is encouraging legislators, community agencies, and caring people to take action by giving greater importance to suspected animal abuse, knowing that they may be also preventing other forms of violence.”  

Honor a Friend -- Furry or Otherwise

Know someone who lost a beloved pet but don't know how to express your condolences? A card is always nice, but a donation is even better. 


You can now contribute to CVA in honor or in memory of someone special – and even provide a photo of a lost pet for the website. Your gift enables us continue our work making life better for CT animals.

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Vegan Shepard's Pie

'Animals don't have a voice but you do.'

A former NJ State Senator speaks out about the frustrations -- and importance -- of animal advocates making their voices heard. It's completely relevant to CT as well. Read his OpEd.

Looking for something different to serve this holiday season? Here's a show-stopping vegan dish that you can prepare ahead and freeze. Just bake it when you’re ready to serve.


Remember to share your favorite vegan recipe. Email us at


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It's time to speak up for animals!

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