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The Cornerstone Giving Society honors our most generous donors, who form the foundation of the organization with a gift of more than $250 annually. Cornerstone members provide gifts with the greatest and most direct impact on CVA's ability to Speak Up for Animals


We are pleased to recognize our 2023 Cornerstone Members:

Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 10.11.45 AM.png


Susan Linker

Lynn Coville

Kathleen Sullivan

Elizabeth L. Chambers

Andrea Kerin

Cohen & Wolf

Sharon Laplante

Cynthia Newby

Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut

Jennifer L Kelsey

$500 - $999

Jennifer M Wynn

Henry Petrofsky

Joseph LaMotta

Brian F Fontes

Lisa Weil

Madison Rotary Foundation

Barbara Ruben

Christine Ann Dorchak

Ken Bernhard

Nancy & Matthew Waterman

​Susan King

Ilene Lefland

Colette Griffin

$250 - $499

Andrea Dobras

Joseph Grabarz

Julie E Lewin

Jo-Anne Basile

Sally Westcott

Anne Foley

Kimberley P Zimmermann

Jane Robinson

John Patrick Capasso

Nancy Waterman

Jennifer Coffey

Adria L Henderson

Alan Eli Charles

Susan W Fabian Living Trust

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