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Now in our 10th year, CT Votes for Animals has lead the way and been a driving force at the state legislature fighting for the protection of animals.

With the landmark passage of Desmond's Law, the first law in the country to allow attorneys to advocate in court on behalf of animal abuse victims, courts are taking notice and animal abusers are being held accountable.

But there's another important piece to the puzzle that needs to be fixed and we're working on it this year.  CVA is actively involved in supporting a bipartisan bill that will restrict the use of Accelerated Rehabilitation (AR) for felony animal abuse cases.  AR, a pre-trial program designed for non-serious crimes, has been frequently used in animal abuse cases.  The result is that those charged with the most egregious and cruel offenses can get off without a fine, no jail time, and no record.  Imagine: you could hire someone to care for your pet, parent or child who has been accused of a violent crime and never know it.  The AR program should not be used in felony animal cruelty cases and CVA wants to make sure that happens this session. 

Further, this year CVA is pressing for a requirement that adequate shelter is provided for dogs during extreme hot and cold weather.  During the past 12 months CT has seen some tragic and preventable deaths like the dog in Hartford who froze in their own backyard and several cases of dogs who died of heat exposure.  The “Adequate Shelter bill” is another bi-partisan effort to give towns the needed tools to step in earlier so that they can get to animals before it’s too late.  

We’re doing all this plus working hard to fend off bills intended to harm animals, such as expanded hunting, and bills that will roll back progress already made to help animals.    

But we can’t do it without you.  Your donation is vital in our fight and we need you as a partner to keep our effort going.  We appreciate your past support of our work and we hope you will renew your support by making a generous donation today. 100% of our funding comes from people like you, so your gift is critical in our ability to advocate for the animals in CT.

Thank you in advance for supporting this important work, and for all you do for animals!

CT Votes for Animals


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