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If you’ve attended – or plan to attend – any of the animal-related festivals or other events in which CVA has a presence, you’ve likely seen volunteer extraordinaire Ruth Cutrone. She began volunteering at events more than ten years ago and has served as events coordinator since 2018. 

What drew you to the organization? 

I really liked CVA's unique approach to advocacy and their commitment to improving the lives of all animals by changing the laws affecting them.


What are your main volunteer activities?

I coordinate and along with our wonderful volunteers, attend various events throughout the state to recruit new members and spread awareness about the organization and our initiatives. Our aim is to reach like-minded people to become members of CVA and SPEAK UP FOR ANIMALS!


What do you personally get out of volunteering for CVA?

What would you tell someone who is considering volunteering for the organization?

We are a very passionate and devoted group of people who are all in this together, working toward the goal of protecting all animals in our state. We're also have a lot of fun - join us!


What pets do you have?

Two rescue dogs: Chewy, a 14-year old singing chihuahua who is the sweetest little guy you'll ever meet, and Jesse, a 4-year old mixed breed who must be met to be believed (half black/white face, a polka dot covered ear, huge underbite, hilarious and insane!)


What’s your favorite animal? 

Dogs. We don't deserve them; all they want is to love and be loved - it's that simple and perfect. If humans were more like dogs, the world would be a much better place.


Tell us about your “day job.”

I work as a radio producer. It's quite a change from my previous career in marketing! Every day is different, and I love every minute!

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