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Animal Cruelty Named Top Education Priority

In September, the CVA Board of Directors agreed to make animal cruelty a major education initiative through 2022. In CT, 80 percent of animal cruelty cases are either dismissed or not taken up by the courts, according to a 2018 CT General Assembly Office of Legislative Research report, the most current available data. Clearly this must change.

Even though we know Desmond’s law has had a positive impact on the disposition of many animal cruelty cases, overall CT statistics are grim. It is well documented that animal abuse and domestic violence are clearly linked and as domestic violence cases increased during the pandemic, we can assume that animals also suffered.

It is time to give a face to the grim statistics many of us in animal advocacy see daily and to let all know that that the link between animal abuse and domestic violence and human abuse is real. Guided by a panel of experts, CVA plans to educate the public, lawmakers, and the courts through regional workshops, the Legislative Animal Advocacy Caucus and presentations before the legislature's Judiciary and Environment Committees. Many of the recorded presentations will be available on CVA’s YouTube channel.

Our education and outreach efforts are part of CVA’s commitment to increase the public’s ability to become effective animal advocates by offering resources on policy issues and the legislative process. Learn more about animal issues on CVA’s website and our video library of policy issues and legislative processes on CVA’s YouTube channel. And join us in SPEAKING UP FOR ANIMALS!  

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