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Summer 2023 Newsletter

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A PLACE CALLED HOPE Works to Save CT's Birds of Prey

When Christine Cummings, a CT animal rehabilitator opened a rehab facility in Killingworth in 2007 and named it A PLACE CALLED HOPE, hope is what she believed she could offer the wildlife in her care, specifically raptors. But she found herself up against a pervasive, unrelenting poison – rodenticides, killing a lot of that hope, and so many of the raptors brought to her for treatment. It was more than disheartening, it was deadly, and to more than its intended target. 


CT Votes for Animals, meanwhile is getting ready for the next year's session and working the legislative channels to ban the use of so-called second generation rodenticides that are wiping out the raptor population in the state.   

Your Chance to 'Help Us Help Them'


You and CVA SPEAK UP FOR ANIMALS at the State Capitol and together we celebrate the crucial wins for CT animals.

Let’s keep up the momentum by supporting CVA’s “Help Us Help Them” fundraising event on August 1. Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000 thanks to the generous contributions of CVA’s Board of Directors and Advisory Council.  


Double the power of your gift and make sure we unlock every dollar of the $10,000 matching gift challenge by giving as much as you can.  And more importantly, “Help Us Help Them” today and into the future.


Make your gift today and it will be included in the matching gift challenge along with all gifts received on August 1. Thank you so much for making life better for all of Connecticut’s animals!

CVA Names This Year's Legislative Animal Champion

CVA presented its 2023 Animal Champion Award to State Rep. Dorinda Borer of West Haven. She received the award because of her extraordinary work in fighting for the humane treatment of animals and creating better laws to protect all animals in CT. 

Representing West Haven since 2017, Rep. Borer was the principal sponsor for the bi-partisan Animal Cruelty law, a three-part law to ensure new protections for CT's animals. The new law is the first measure since 2016 to enhance CT's animal cruelty statutes. Rep. Borer also was the lead sponsor of a new law requiring updates to the old 1964 municipal shelter regulations to improve the health and safety of animals in town public shelters. 

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A member of the legislature's Animal Advocacy Caucus, Rep. Borer is a dedicated advocate for animals. Rep. Borer joins CVA's distinguished roster of Animal Champions: State Reps Diane Urban, Brenda Kupchick, Fred Camillo and David Michel. 


Our gratitude to Rep. Borer for being a true partner to CVA and all animal advocates. Rep. Borer recently announced she will seek election for the office of Mayor of West Haven.  We are truly sorry to see her leave Hartford but wish her the very best in her election bid and new leadership role. 

And Colette Griffin Makes Nine!


CVA’s Board of Directors is welcoming another new member: Colette Griffin of Newtown is filling the ninth seat on the board of directors. A partner with Strunk Dodge Aiken Zovas, Colette is a board certified Workers' Compensation Specialist. However, animal welfare and advocacy are at the heart of all she does.


While attending law school, Colette founded New Leash On Life, an organization committed to the welfare and advocacy of companion animals. The group worked with the City of Bridgeport to institute improvements to the municipal shelter and fostered and placed countless dogs and cats. It also took on a hoarding case involving more than 200 cats and dogs. For that work she received an award from the Dept of Agriculture.


A founding member and past chair of the Animal Law section of the CT Bar Assoc., Colette is currently a Court Advocate in animal cruelty cases under Desmond’s Law, representing animals involved in instances of neglect and abuse. She also conducts seminars on issues regarding animal abuse and the link to violence.


Colette’s four dogs, which she calls “the pack” keep her on her toes!

More CVA Events, More Volunteers Wanted!

Summer is festival and fair season in CT, and the animals are not being left out! CVA can always use a few extra hands at our booth to tell visitors who we are, what we do, and why speaking up for animals is so important. We also sign up a lot of new supporters in the process! 


Compassionfest 2023

July 22, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Whitneyville Cultural Commons, 1253 Whitney Ave., Hamden, CT


 CT Folk Festival and Green Expo

Sept. 9, (10 a.m. -- 10 p.m.)

Edgerton Park, 75 Cliff St., New Haven, CT


Chester Dog Fair 2023

Sept. 16 & 17

Chester Fairgrounds, 11 Kirtland Terrace, Chester, CT  


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CVA volunteers at Compassionfest 2022

If you'd like to volunteer, contact 

And watch for our next newsletter with more events in the fall. 

Gazpacho: the Soup of All Summer Soups!

It’s too hot to cook or it’s raining so outdoor grilling is a no-go! Now what? The answer is GAZPACHO! This cold Spanish soup is an easy and versatile summer favorite. You can serve it as a dinner appetizer or in small glasses for a company-worthy summer drink. Not only does it store well in the fridge for a few days, but gazpacho also works perfectly as a dish to make ahead. 


We'd love to share your favorite vegan recipes. Send them in to


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