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JUNE 28, 2022

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UP YOUR IMPACT for animals!

Generous friends of CVA have committed to match every donation received up to $10,000 on this one day.  That means for every dollar you give, CVA will receive two from our special friends.

Did you know?

If you love animals, you know that keeping them safe requires strong laws.  CT Votes for Animals has been working since 2008 to ensure that Connecticut has stronger laws protecting animals.

As CVA grows in numbers and expands our education programs we are building a strong animal activist brigade which is fighting every day to ensure that the well-being of animals is a priority at the Capitol.  Help us celebrate our progress and guarantee that we continue to provide advocacy, humane laws and public support that all animals in our state deserve.

We've done GREAT things this year!!

  • CVA advocated to get five animal bills passed out of Committees and two dangerous bills for animals stopped during the 2022 legislative session!

  • In just one month, CVA motivated more than 500 supporters from all corners of CT to write their legislators in support of animal protection bills!

  • CVA advocated for a significant win with a bill signed into law that  provides safe shelter for dogs who are left outside during extreme weather.

There's much MORE to do ... but we CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!

Your support on Tuesday, June 28 will ensure that CT Votes for Animals can continue to work on critical issues to support the protection and well-being of animals in our state!

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