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What’s in Store in 2022?

The 2022 session of the Connecticut General Assembly is off to a virtual start with lawmakers meeting remotely again for at least the first month. During this four-month “short” session, bills are restricted to only those introduced by a committee, which limits the number of bills debated. The legislative priorities determined by CVA for 2022 are also supported by the bi-partisan Legislative Animal Advocacy Caucus. 

  • ​Ban the use of exotic and wild animals in circuses and traveling entertainment shows: Exotic and wild animals in traveling circuses endure long periods shut in small spaces, physical and social deprivation, and brutal, violent methods of control. A bill to prohibit the use of these animals in circuses and traveling entertainment shows will likely be considered by the Environment Committee. There are more than 100 local circus animal bans in 33 states including Bridgeport and Stamford in CT.  Statewide bans have been enacted in NJ, NY, HI, IL, CO, and CA. In addition to the Legislative Animal Advocacy Caucus, all the major animal advocacy groups in CT have identified this measure as a priority. 

  • Stopping a bear hunt: With renewed efforts to legalize bear hunting in Connecticut likely, CVA and other members of the CT Coalition to Protect Bears are committed to fighting this brutal response to CT’s small black bear population. The Coalition is promoting education and simple practices to peacefully co-exist with black bears. You can see CVA’s new bear page on our website.

  • Outside dogs:  CVA has been asked to join a working group of legislators to find solutions to dogs left outside 24/7 regardless of weather, without any shelter and whether tethered or not – an effort spearheaded by Rep. Laura Develin and supported by Rep. Jennifer Leeper of Fairfield. The proposed legislation reflects 2018 efforts when a bill to provide adequate shelter for dogs passed the House but was never considered by the Senate.

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