CVA joined with Friends of Animals (FOA) and the Humane Society of the United States in urging Governor Lamont to oppose bear hunts in Connecticut.  Our letter points to several crucial facts that people and policy makers should know:

  • According to a recent UConn study there are approximately 400 adult bears in the State; about 235 were identified in the northwest corner. The State has a capacity for 3,000 according to DEEP.
  • Hunting doesn’t solve bear-human conflict issues. Using humane and non-lethal means such as rubber bullets as a deterrent, removing attractants such as bird feeders and unsecured garbage cans all are far more effective.
  • Hunting is not without risk. Hunters in Connecticut killed 10 people and injured 118 in hunting accidents between 1982-2018.
  • There have been no fatal bear attacks in Connecticut and only six in the entire country, mostly in Alaska.