Dog tethering


CVA has been working steadily to strengthen CT's dog tethering statutes. In the spring of 2013, CVA was instrumental in the passage of PA. No. 13-189, which expands previous anti-tethering legislation by prohibiting dog chaining during severe weather conditions. 
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As of July 1, 2013, CT's dog tethering statutes can now be summarized as follows:
(the first 2 bullets were established in 2013; the last 4 in 2010)

Dog chaining is prohibited under each of the following circumstances:

  • A weather advisory or warning is issued by local, state or federal authorities. (15 minute breaks are allowed) *Examples: severe thunderstorm watch, tornado warning, heat advisory, wind chill advisory, winter storm warning, etc. Click here for the complete list, defined by the National Weather Service.

  • Severe weather such as heat, cold, wind, rain, snow or hail, poses an adverse risk to the health or safety of a dog based on the dog's breed, age or physical condition. (15 minute breaks are allowed)

  • The tether does not allow the dog to walk at least eight feet, excluding the length of such dog as measured from the tip of such dog's nose to the base of such dog's tail, in any one direction.

  • The tether does not have swivels on both ends to prevent twisting and tangling, unless a person is in the presence of the dog.

  • The dog is tethered using a coat hanger, choke collar, prong-type collar, head halter or any other collar, halter or device that is not specifically designed for a dog.

  • The tether allows a dog to reach an object or hazard, including, but not limited to, a window sill, edge of a pool, fence, public road or highway, porch or terrace railing that poses a risk of injury or strangulation to the dog if it walks into or jumps over such object or hazard, unless a person is in the presence of the dog.
Dogs who are confined outside but not chained:
  • Connecticut's cruelty laws apply to dogs who are kept outside but not chained. They must have access to shelter, food and water as appropriate. 
Section 22-350a of the CT statutes contains the relevant passages pertaining to dog chaining.
If there are no laws being broken, but you would still like to help, please check out these tips offered by 

If you have any questions about the chaining laws, or wish to report a potential violation, please contact your local Animal Control Officer.