CVA Bill Tracking and Testimony

CVA is tracking the following bills for 2020 Legislative Session.  Click on the bill number to see the text and to get a status report of where the bill is in the legislative process. 

Click on the corresponding testimony link to see CVA's statement at the public hearing.


  • HB 5104 To Prohibit the import and trade of any big six African species -  African elephants, giraffes, leopards, lions, black and white rhinos and their body parts throughout Connecticut. SUPPORT CVA Testimoy 
  • HB 5338 An Act Prohibiting the Sale of Animal Fighting Paraphernalia Support CVA Testimony
  • HB 5341 An Act Prohibiting the Sale and Breeding of Certain Cetasceans  Support CVA Testimony
  • SB 294 An Act Prohibiting the Sale and Trade of Elephant and Rhinoceras Horn in the State.  Support CVA Testimony
  • HB 5475 An Act Concerning Municipal Restrictions on Pet Shops -  Fact Sheet
  • SB 388 An Act Concerning Review of Animal Cruelty Laws by the Connecticut Sentencing Commission Support with amendments CVA Testimony
  • SB 413 An Act Concerning the Use of Exotic or Wild Animals in Traveling Animal Acts - Fact Sheet & CVA Testimony
  • SB 415 An Act Concerning Veterinary Reporting of Dogs Used in Animal Fighting