CVA has a full agenda for the short, three month 2018 legislative session; YOUR SUPPORT for these bills can determine their success.  Periodically throughout the session, we’ll send you legislative ‘action alerts’ by email and social media where we’ll need your help in contacting your State representatives. Constituent influence – YOUR VOICE – is so important, so please, be on the look-out, and invite your friends to sign up on our website and follow us on social media.



  • Prohibit the Use of Accelerated Rehabilitation (AR) in Cases of Felony Animal Cruelty: A bi-partisan proposal to eliminate the use of a special, pre-trial diversionary program know as Accelerated Rehabilitation (AR) for felony animal abusers.  The Program releases those charged in return for two years of good behavior and erases their record of the crime.  The fundamental violence of animal cruelty is a serious crime and AR is an inappropriate response to felony animal cruelty. Unlike AR programs for other violations, there are no current rehabilitation programs available specifically for those convicted of animal cruelty.  Erasing the defendant’s record after two years essentially removes critical information from the public and shields the record of a violent offender.  The result: there are no repercussions for the defendant charged with intentionally harming animals -- no jail time, no fines, no record.  Prohibiting the use of AR for felony animal cruelty crimes provides better outcomes for animals, offers penalties consistent with the gravity of the crime(s) committed and leaves a defendant’s record available to the public.


  • Require Adequate Shelter for Dogs in Extreme Weather (‘Justice for BJ’): A mandate that protective cover be available to dogs during periods of both extreme hot and cold weather.  By defining “adequate shelter” and requiring that shelter is available to dogs whether tethered or confined in the yard, this legislation gives local Animal Control Officers greater authority to intervene when dogs are not properly protected.  The hope is that this will mitigate against horrific suffering inflicted on dogs like BJ who froze to death in a Hartford backyard earlier this year


  • Oppose Bear Hunting, Expanded Sunday Bow Hunting, and Nighttime Coyote Hunting:  Three separate legislative proposals will greatly expand opportunities to hunt wildlife in CT.  CVA strongly opposes all these efforts and will remind lawmakers of the humane alternatives available to reduce human-wildlife interactions. 


  • Action for Rescuing Animals Locked in Hot/Cold Cars: Grant protection from prosecution for good Samaritans who offer humane intervention on behalf of animals locked in cars during weather conditions that could threaten their health and safety.


Keep your eyes out for alerts from CVA throughout the session. Animals depend on all of us and CVA depends on you!