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CVA envisions a future where all animals live in peace under the protection of strong laws

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The Environment Committee is holding a hearing, Friday, March 10 on SB 1148, a bill to legalize a lottery to hunt black bears in CT and SB 1149 to remove restrictions and allow hunting everyday of the week.   

SB 1148 allows hunters to kill 50 bears in Litchfield County and is being supported by those who believe slaughtering CT's black bears is the answer to the state's bear population.  SB 1149 will allow hunting of all animals by any means (guns and bow & arrow) on Sundays on either private or public lands.   




BEARS: Bears are opportunistic feeders; they are not interested in us but looking for our food found in trash cans, grills, bird feeders, unsecured chicken coops, and more. Numerous studies have shown that killing bears will not answer the problem of habituated bears. Bears deep in the woods -- the target of a hunt - are not the bears causing problems. Unless the underlying problem is addressed, i.e. removing the food attractants, you will never resolve bears showing up in a backyard no matter how many bears are killed. 

SUNDAY HUNTING:  Several years ago the legislature changed the law and allowed hunters to kill deer on Sundays using a bow and arrow.  SB 1149 expands that authority by removing all restrictions on hunting of any animal on all state and private lands seven days of the week. 


The hunters have already flooded the committee with testimony.  

Can we count on you to help protect our bears and other wildlife and oppose 

SB 1148 and SB 1149 ? 


There are 2 ways you can speak up:  (1) Send written testimony for the hearing.  Use the link below and follow the steps. (2) Testify remotely -via zoom; use the link below to sign up. Here are a few talking points to use but we are asking you to use your own words as the Committee may be deleting emails are "copied and pasted". 


  • I am a resident of  (name your town)  CT and I am horrified (alamed, disappointed or other)  that the legislature is considering legalizing a hunt of CT's native black bears.

  • I want to live harmoniously with CT's wildlife.  It's why I chose to live in CT. 

  • There are bears in my community and we take pride that we can co-exist peacefully.

  • Studies show that hunting does not reduce human-bear conflicts. Rather these conflicts decline when food sources like trash and bird feeders are removed.

  • This is not a bear problem but a human problem.  In communities with effective "Bear Smart" programs, interactions are drastically reduced. 

  • CT residents want humane resolutions to interactions with wildlife. We do not want to hunt our native black bears.

  • There are well proven solutions that focus on community based public education and requirements to keep food attractants out of reach of bears and other wildlife. 

  • DEEP needs to offer more education programs and set up "bear smart" programs before they pull the trigger on our bears.

  • Please support these proven strategies and oppose the bear hunt in SB 1148.  


Further,  please oppose SB 1149.


  • I spend many weekends with family and friends walking in CT's woods and enjoying the abundance of wildlife.  

  • CT residents deserve at least one day a week to walk CT woods in peace and without the fear of being hit by stray hunting bullets or more.  


To submit testimony:  Click on this link to submit written testimony to the Environment Committee. Follow the prompts in the form and select March 10, 11:30 hearing date and hold down the shift key to select SB1148 and SB 1149 for the bill numbers.  Select that you oppose the bills.  Upload a separate document for your testimony or write a short statement in the box provided.  Don't forget to click your opposition to the bills, that you are not a robot, and hit submit testimony.  


To register to speak click this link, follow the prompts to register for the "webinar" (the hearing) note your preference to testify in person or remotely. It will be a long day so testifying remotely is easier.  You will receive written confirmation from the Committee that you are signed up to testify for Friday's hearing.    


The Environment Committee needs to hear your voice to save the bears, other wildlife and return peace to Sundays. Please take action and submit written testimony and/or sign up to testify today.   


Thank you for Speaking Up for Animals

Jo-Anne Basile

Executive Director

Below is some helpful guidance

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