June 2021 Newsletter

CVA's College Outreach Initiative

This fall, CT Votes for Animals will reach out to students at colleges and universities in Connecticut in an effort to expand our base of supporters and get more young people involved in our mission of advocating for animals and the laws that protect them. This is especially important for those students who will remain in Connecticut after graduation and become active voters who can continuously support CVA-sponsored bills for years to come. 

CVA’s college outreach initiative involves organizing campus events to educate students on animal-related issues and show how young people can get involved in becoming animal advocates. In addition to providing speakers, CVA will conduct activities such as, “Write a Letter to your Lawmaker Day” to demonstrate to students just how easy it is to contact their lawmakers about legislation they care about. CVA is also looking to align itself with other animal, environmental, and social justice clubs and organizations on campus that share common goals. Working together, we can implement specific campaigns that encourage animal-friendly practices, such as “Meatless Mondays” where students would be encouraged not to eat meat on Mondays for their own health and the impact on the environment.


Recognizing the passion college students bring to the causes they care about, CVA wants to channel that enthusiasm to our mission of strengthening CT’s animal laws. Together, our voices will be even louder as we SPEAK UP FOR ANIMALS!