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June 2021 Newsletter

Don’t Forget to Say ‘Thanks!’

CVA appreciates all of our supporters for your efforts and commitment to our goal of protecting and defending CT’s animals. Although our legislative priorities were not achieved this session, you have made your voice heard by reaching out to your lawmakers, educating them and asking for their support.  Now it’s time to say “thanks” – to you and them.


Everyone likes to be thanked for their efforts and legislators are no different. They hear from many, many people asking for something, but not so many expressing appreciation for all they do. Send a quick email to your state representative and state senator and thank them for:

  • working through another challenging session 

  • sponsoring or voting in favor of our bills in committee or on the House or Senate floor 


Let your lawmakers know all of us who care about the lives of CT’s animals will be back next session. And once again, thank you for SPEAKING UP FOR ANIMALS!

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