Closing the Loophole on Greyhound Racing

Closing the loophole on greyhound racing

Legislation to ban Greyhound racing in CT has been raised once again this year. Although the state’s Greyhound tracks have all closed down over the years, state law does not prohibit their establishment. CVA was asked by the bill’s sponsors for our support in ensuring this inhumane sport never again resumes in CT. 

House Bill 6048, An Act to Prohibit the Operation of Live Greyhound Racing in the State, was introduced by Reps. Michael D’Agostino and Josh Elliot and debated during a public hearing held by the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Security. CVA submitted testimony in support of the bill, which would close the technical loophole and once and for all prohibit the act of Greyhound racing in CT.

Greyhound racing is a cruel way to entertain the public and perpetuate gambling, and interest in the industry has dwindled over the years due to its inhumane reputation. The sport leads to great mistreatment of racing dogs as they are often kept in small cages for more than 20 hours a day and undergo inhumane training practices designed to create the world's fastest dogs. Greyhound racing itself can be dangerous and lead to severe injuries and death. Greyhounds have also been inhumanely overbred to meet the supply for the sport, leaving many dogs homeless and ultimately put down.

Please do your part and contact your legislator to let them know that you support passing HB 6048 to make sure Greyhound racing never returns to CT.