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CVA envisions a future where all animals live in peace under the protection of strong laws

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The Environment Committee will hold a hearing on Wednesday February 15 at 11:00. They will hear testimony on a number of bills of interest to people who want to help animals. You can submit a statement of support for any bills on the Agenda but CVA would especially appreciate your support for: 

  •  SB 962  An Act Concerning Certain Rodenticides - Second generation rodent poisons kill more than their intended target. Each year eagles, owls, other birds of prey as well as wildlife are unintended victims to the poison when they ingest prey.  There is an increased and uncontrolled use of these poisons and it is threatening our wildlife at an alarming rate. This is a CVA priority bill. Please support SB 962 which will ban the use of second generation rodenticides with certain exceptions. Read more about the issue here.

  • HB 5575  An Act Requiring the Dept. of Agriculture to Revise Municipal Shelter Regulations - Updating regulations for municipal shelters is long overdue. CVA supports HB 5575 because it makes needed common sense revisions to protect shelter animals and will bring temperature requirements in line with private shelters.

To submit a statement of support to the Environment Committee use the on-line Submission of Testimony form and follow the prompts. You can write a short statement about why the bill is important or merely state that  protecting CT's animals is important and you support SB 962 and HB 5575. 



 Thursday, February 16, 9:00 - Insurance & Real Estate Committee

  • HB 6635  Dog Breed Discrimination in Homeowners Policies The Insurance Committee will have a public hearing on legislation to prohibit discriminating against certain dog breeds when writing home-owners or renters insurance policies. This is a long overdue change as many people are forced to give up their beloved pet, pay an extra premium or fail to have insurance on their residence. Studies have shown there is no reliable data that supports making a distinction between dog breeds and negative behavior. CVA supports HB6635 to address a long standing discriminatory policy that can force a separation between a dog and their human. 

Please send a simple statement of support for HB6635 by clicking on the on-linSubmission of Testimony Link for the Real Estate Committee. Please submit your testimony by 3:00 on Wednesday so legislators can read it before the Thursday hearing. 

Thursday, February 16, 2:30 - General Law Committee

  • HB 6615  An Act Concerning Dog Racing This bill is a CVA priority and it will close the loophole in CT statutes to finally stop greyhound dog racing. While CT's greyhound racing tracks closed in 2005, without this legislation there is nothing stopping them from reopening and restarting this cruel and inhumane practice. Please send a statement of support for HB6615 to end, once and for all, greyhound dog racing and have CT join the 48 other states that ban dog racing.    

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You can send in a simple statement in support of HB6615 by clicking on this on-line Submission of Testimony for the General Law Committee.  Statements should be sent by 5:00 Wednesday, February 15 so legislators can read them before the hearing. 

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