CVA Advocacy Workshop 2021

General session

  • Introductions: Jo-Anne Basile, CVA Executive Director
  • Welcome: Jessica Rubin, CVA Board President
  • Lobbying During a Pandemic – Joe Grabarz, CVA Advisory Council
  • Keynote: Representative Dorinda Borer, House Co-Chair Joint Committee on the Environment - 2021 Priorities

Session 1. Local control of pet shops:A discussion with co-sponsors of 2021 legislation to clarify the authority of local jurisdictions regarding the sales of puppy mill dogs, cats, and rabbits in local pet shops.

  • Representative Raghib Allie-Brennan
  • Representative Jason Doucette
  • Discussion Leaders: Debora Bresch, ASPCA; Annie Hornish, HSUS
  • Kathy Worth, CVA Advisory Committee, Moderator

Session 2. Circus bill: A discussion with the co-sponsors of 2021 legislation to stop the use of exotic and wild animals in circuses and other live entertainment. 

  • Senator Will Haskell
  • Representative Ann Hughes
  • Discussion Leaders: Jill Alibrandi, Karen Laski, CVA Board of Directors

Session 3. Go fur free: A discussion with co-sponsors of 2021 legislation to ban the sale of new fur products in the state.

  • Representative David Michel
  • Discussion Leaders: Amy Mallardi, CVA Advisory Council, Liz Garret, Fur Free CT

Session 4. Stop A Bear Hunt and co-exist with wildlife: Working to prevent a bear hunt in CT and a better understanding of how to peacefully co-exist with wildlife. 

  • Nicole Rivard, Friends of Animal
  • Laura Simon, CT Wildlife Rehabilitators Association
  • Jo-Anne Basile Moderator


A special thanks to the Community Foundation of Eastern CT for their partnership in presenting this workshop

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BREAKOUT SESSION #1:  Local Control of Pet Shops


BREAKOUT SESSION #2: Prohibiting the Use of Wild Animals in Circuses and more


BREAKOUT SESSION #3: Prohibiting the Sale of New Fur Products


BREAKOUT SESSION #4: Stopping a Bear Hunt & Humanely Co-existing with Wildlife


2021 CVA Advocacy Workshop - Speaker Biographies