Action Alert - Save the Bears and Stop Puppy Mills



We need your help to make sure SB 586, bear hunting, is stopped from moving forward and HB 5386, to stop puppy mills gets voted out of the Environment Committee. The Committee is likely to vote on both bills Monday, March 18, 2019.

If you are unsure who your representative is, you can check it with this link.  Please write or call them before Monday with the following message: 

Strongly Oppose SB 586 -- Black Bear Hunting in Litchfield County

I am a constituent and I strongly oppose this bill in any form.   I understand the bill may be modified to expand existing rules and create a loophole that will give authority to hunt bears in Litchfield County.  Farmer's already have the right to protect their property under DEEP rules and there is no reason to expand the authority.   Please vote no on SB 586.

Strongly Support  HB 5386, -- Stop the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits in CT pet stores  

CT's pet stores are a pipeline for hundreds of commercial breeding facilities. Each time someone buys a dog in one of CT’s pet shops, another one is ordered from a commercial facility somewhere in the mid-west to take its place.  CT's pet shop law is broken and can never be fixed.  CT needs to join other states that are moving to stop inhumane and cruel breeding practices.  Our State has over 100 independent and chain pet supply stores that do not sell dogs, cats, or rabbits and thrive on a successful business model based on the ethical principles of adoption and rescue.  I believe CT's nine pet shop businesses can do the same.  Please bring HB 5386 for a vote at the Environment Committee and support its passage.  I'm counting on you to help CT be a leader in the humane treatment of animals.  

Thanks for reaching out to your representative.  Remember, your voice counts in Speaking Up for Animals.