CVA has established its legislative priorities for the 2019 legislative session.  Be sure to contact your State Representative and Senator to tell them animals are important to you and you look forward to their support for the passage of humane legislation.  Continue to follow CVA on Facebook and other social media for updates and legislative alerts.



 Exemption from Accelerated Rehabilitation In Certain Cases of Animal Abuse:To require a showing of good cause in order to invoke a pretrial program for accelerated rehabilitation on behalf of a person charged with animal abuse.

A Prohibition on Purchasing Dogs and Cats via a Financing Lease/Loan:A bill to prohibit financing dogs or cats pursuant to documents transferring ownership at the end of the term of the financing and contingent upon payments being made. 

Wildlife and Exotic Animals in Travelling Shows (HB 5024, HB 5248)To prohibit the use of exotic and certain wildlife animals in circuses and certain travelling shows.

Adequate Shelter for Dogs During Extreme Weather Conditions:To establish certain requirements for what constitutes adequate shelter for a dog during adverse weather conditions.

Prohibition on the Sale of Dogs, Cats and Rabbits by Retail Stores (HB 5246): Legislation to ban the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in retail stores.

Oppose Authorizing Black Bear Hunting and Night Hunting of Coyotes in Connecticut