Cornerstone Giving Society


The Cornerstone Giving Society honors our most generous donors, who form the foundation of the organization with a gift of more than $250 annually. Cornerstone members provide gifts with the greatest and most direct impact on CVA's ability to speak for animals
We are pleased to recognize our 2015 Cornerstone Members:
Alexandra Oldershaw
Amy Gagnon
Amy Harrell
Carolyn Kirmss
Debbie Robinson
Deborah Chute
Deborah Gaffney
Diane Manganello Summa
Elizabeth Abbe
Elizabeth Chambers
Gretchen LaBau
Henry Petrofsky
Jamila HadjSalem
Jane Napieracz
Janene Willsey
Jennifer Kelsey
Jennifer M Wynn
Jodi Macrina
Karen Laski
Kathleen Sullivan
Krysia Kaminski
Linda Darico
Marcia Goodman
Pamela Brewster
Sharon Giese
Sharron Lee Laplante
Sian Nimkoff
Stacey & Robert Doan
Susan Kautz
Susan King
Susan Fabian
Susan Linker
Valerie Friedman

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